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How to set up a direct connection using the free software Radmin VPN
  1. Download and install Radmin VPN on the local computer.

  2. Create network:

    • Press "Create network" button.

    • Set Network name and Password.

    • Press "Create" button.

    • The new network will appear in Radmin VPN Main window.

  3. Download and install Radmin VPN on the remote computer.

  4. Launch the software and press "Join network" button.

    • Enter Network name and Password in the dialog box.

    • Press "Join" button.

    • The network created earlier and its nodes will be shown in the Radmin VPN Main window.

The connection between computers has been successfully established.

How to control remote computer via Internet
  1. Run Radmin VPN on the remote computer, find "Help->Install Radmin Server" in the main menu.

  2. Add user and set user rights in settings for Radmin Server.

  3. Connect local computer and remote one using Radmin VPN.

  4. Choose: "Radmin-- > Full control" in the shortcut menu of the remote computer.

  5. Enter user name and password which has been set in settings for Radmin Server.


How to play with Radmin VPN

Follow this link for all existing instructions.

If the game is not in the list, try Hamachi instructions; they often work.

To play with your friends, check the following:

  1. You are within the same Radmin VPN network

  2. You have the same game version

  3. The hosting player added the game to the firewall exceptions (or turned off the firewall).

Why can’t I see game servers on the game networks?

Perhaps at the moment you are the only one playing this game. Try connecting later or invite a friend to join.

I can’t connect to a remote PC

Check the firewall and antivirus settings on your local and remote PC. Radmin VPN and the game should not be blocked by the antivirus or firewall (alternatively, you can disable them).

Why is the connection Relay/TCP?

A Relay/TCP connection is established when a direct connection cannot be established. Try to join one of the gaming networks. If most of the connections to the participants of the gaming network are Relay/TCP, then the reason for this is most likely on your Internet provider side. Getting a public IP address from your provider or connecting through another Internet provider may help.

1603 error when installing, or installation aborts/crashes

In this case, uninstall Radmin VPN, restart your PC, disable the antivirus, install Radmin VPN. If this didn’t help, create a ticket.

Radmin VPN shows “Service not started” status

Click the round button in Radmin VPN to start the service.

Radmin VPN shows “Waiting for response from the network adapter” status

In this case, uninstall Radmin VPN, restart your PC, disable the antivirus, install Radmin VPN. If this didn’t help, create a ticket.

I can’t delete Radmin VPN

If you have problems with deleting Radmin VPN, use a Microsoft utility.

  1. Download the utility and run it.
  2. Click Next and select Uninstalling.
  3. Select the Radmin VPN program and click Next.
  4. Wait for the utility to finish working and restart your PC.

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