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Radmin VPN security

Here are the security measures we take to keep our users and their data safe:

No logging policy

We do not log, track, or collect any of your traffic or your personal data.
We do not store any passwords or private data from other programs or games.
We keep the minimum data which is related to Radmin VPN service itself in order to keep our service functioning.

BVI jurisdiction

Radmin VPN product and its servers belong to Famatech Corp. which is a BVI company. The BVI is an offshore jurisdiction known for privacy protection.

We do not share data we hold with other countries, unless the High Court of the British Virgin Islands requires it during an investigation. It is very difficult for other countries to initiate this process. No such requests have been received yet.

Connection encryption

Radmin VPN uses end-to-end 256-bit AES encryption, which is industry-standard for a VPN. Used by the US government to protect sensitive data, it’s safe to say that 256-bit AES is one of the most secure methods of securing data nowadays.

Built-in firewall

Radmin VPN’s Gaming Networks have a built-in firewall which is always turned on, in order to prevent access to common Windows services such as shared folders within a Gaming Network.

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